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Baldi’s Basics Game Play Online

Are you searching for a plot to tickle your nerves and at the same time just to have fun? Try Baldi’s Basics, a project that fabulously combined several genres. You will find action, adventure, horror and even humor elements in this thrilling game. Your hero is a student who needs to return to school to collect seven notebooks that he had forgotten there. This seemingly primitive task will turn into an exciting survival challenge, in which the player will only need to remain alive!

Run away from Baldi!

Your main antagonist is a math teacher. He is a slim, bold man wearing a green shirt. Baldi’s passion for math is so strong that he literally goes mad when someone cannot cope with a problem. And you will need to solve lots of these in this dynamic adventure. Every time you find a notebook, you need to find clues to three problems. But unfortunately, you can easily do it only with the first three of them. All the following ones will be written in a way to confuse you! So it will become a real struggle to come up with the right response. Be ready that the speed of your enemy will immediately increase as soon as you fail to find a correct solution. And you still need to try to avoid being caught! You will also meet other characters that are Baldi’s friends and will try to help him stop you. Do your best to find out how each of them works and how you can avoid their attention. You should not ignore different objects you meet on your way – they will help you guess the correct answers.

Enjoy different modes of the game

Baldi’s Basics have several unique modes you can play. The main one is the story mode in which you need to collect seven notebooks. Here the rules are quite strict and if you make too many mistakes, you will quickly lose all your lives and the game will be over for you. If you have not played Baldi’s Basics before, it is recommended to start with free play mode which is actually endless. This variant comes with easier tasks and you can continue playing until you really lose your agility and your enemy will finally catch you. Check how many notebooks you manage to find before you make a fatal mistake. No matter what option you choose, the game will immerse you in the thrilling atmosphere of risk and chase! There are other exclusive modes you can try for a better gaming experience – these allow you to enjoy new hide-and-seek adventures with mad Baldi!

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