Five Nights At The Krusty Krab Chapter 3

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All fans of the famous FNAF series are invited to a new adventure with dangerous animatronics. This time, it is an entirely new story. Mr. Krabs has opened up a brand new restaurant that is being served by animatronic versions of his old employees. He decided that this approach will help him save enough money. And you will play for a character that was hired as a night guard at this new place. This job seems really attractive, but strange things start to happen as soon as everyone leaves and the lights go out. You will immediately feel something fishy around. To your greatest shock, you will see that animatronics are freely moving around the place, looking for their next victim. Now you need to urgently decide on how to survive in this evil company! Be prepared for really scary situations and screamers as your opponents will use all methods to reach you. The main task is to survive till morning when the toys will lose their evil power again.

A game of hide-and-seek

So, you need to hide from monsters wherever you can. For example, in a cupboard or under a table. But you can’t stay there forever, because if you do, they will find you sooner or later. So you have to move around all the time. Wait for the robot to leave and then slip into another room. If the robot notices you, it will follow and try to catch you. If it catches you, you may die, as robots know no mercy. So do your best to get away from them and live till morning. Once morning comes, the doors will open.

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