Fun Race 3D – Baldi’s Basics

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Enjoy a new exciting game with a math teacher from Baldi’s basics. This time, your hero will participate in a crazy holiday race. He will not be alone in this thrilling contest – you will also see personages from other popular projects – Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog and others. But your task is to help Baldi become the first to achieve the finishing line. You will have to carefully navigate your character between all obstacles. And watch out not to bump into your opponents as you will lose in this case!

Running away

The game begins with the school life of a young boy who carries out the tasks given to him by his teacher. He does well on most of the tasks, but they become more and more difficult and the boy begins to make mistakes. This infuriates the teacher and he attacks the child with a ruler. Now the child has to run away from the teacher at school. Except the door to the school is locked and he can’t get out. So to escape, he has to collect 7 notebooks and complete a series of tasks to get the school door open again. If the teacher catches him, you lose and the game is over. There are also several modes in the game with different mechanics and tasks. For example, there is the endless race mode, where you just have to run away from the teacher. There is also a ghost mode, where the teacher won’t notice you because you will be invisible. There is also a birthday mode, where you will celebrate your birthday and complete alternate tasks to find your way out.

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