Baldis Basics

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This fabulous project has successfully combined horror and humorous features. All events unveil in the school where you play for a student that has to survive in a fierce confrontation with Baldi, a math teacher.

Baldi’s Home

Everything starts peacefully enough, but soon, you will clearly understand that this isn’t just fun. Your first and foremost task is to collect seven notebooks and leave the place. But a strict teacher will interfere, turning this simple mission into a real struggle full of threats and risks. Every found notebook will contain three mathematical problems a player needs to solve. The plot is built in a way that you will easily find clues only to the tasks written in the first notebook. All the next ones will be either too difficult or written in a very unreadable way. Baldi will get mad in case you are not able to provide a correct answer. Once you really fail, the mad teacher will run after you, and you will lose one of your lives. If you love them all, the game will be over for you! You will need to learn all the nuances of the game to create a winning strategy and avoid falling into traps your enemy so laboriously set for you. You will meet a lot of other characters as you move on in the game. The majority of them is Baldi’s friends. They will do their best to prevent you from achieving your mission. The only method to trick these opponents is to learn everything about them and use this knowledge to your advantage. You will also need to collect various objects you meet as you move on – these will provide you with valuable hints on how to avoid potential danger. There are several modes in Baldi’s Basics. Classical mode is quite difficult as you will have only several lives, and if you make too many mistakes, you will lose them all and Baldi will catch you.

Tasks and puzzles

But even if you manage to solve all the tasks and puzzles and collect all the notebooks, you will still need to find an exit from this dangerous school. It will become another thrilling task which will give terrible Baldi a new chance to catch you. So if you feel too risky to try this option, test this entertainment in endless mode. In this case, you just need to collect as many notebooks as possible, avoiding the meeting with the dangerous teacher. In this variant, all tasks are much easier and you can hold out for a longer time. Take time and test both versions – you will love incredible adventures in this exciting game!

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