Baldi’s Basics Full Game

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Every active player surely has heard about Baldi, a school math teacher. In this adventure, you play a role of a student who needs to go to school and find some notebooks that are hidden all around the premises. But a strict teacher is waiting for you there and will challenge you on a cool adventure where you either win or die! Sounds exciting, right? Let’s find out a bit more about this entertainment.

Full game with new chapters

This full game release comes with new content, additional modes, and a lot of new characters and scenes. The main task of the hero is still the same – you must find notebooks. But evil Baldi will not allow you to do it painlessly. He immediately creates a treacherous plan that will make your task extremely difficult to fulfil. So every time, you manage to find a notebook, you will be challenged to solve three math problems written in it. If the first portion is going to be feasible, the further ones will be a true hurdle. The situation is worsened by the fact that Baldi’s speed will increase every time you fail to provide the right answer to the problem. If you make too many mistakes, the antagonist’s speed will surpass your own, leaving you no chances to win. So you need to run as fast as you can when you see you struggle to find the right clue. There are many items you will find around – take time to collect these as they may bring you many useful hints. And even if you lose the level, you will not be able to save your progress. The thing is that all rounds in Baldi’s Basics are randomly generated. And whenever you start the game anew, you will deal with absolutely nee tasks and problems and sometimes even new environment.

Find your opponent

So you will need strong logical skills to cope with all the quests if you want to outperform your opponent. Also, you will meet many secondary characters as you move on. But most of them will be helping Baldi, so you will need to find ways to trick them too. The game will keep you on the alert from the first till the last minute, but this is what makes this project so popular among the players. And now join it to test your agility and speed!

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