Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach

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Millions of players are impatiently waiting for new adventures of insane animatronics from Freddy’s pizzeria. And this time, developers decided to modify a traditional plot! You do not play for a night guard as in previous chapters. Now, the main hero is a small boy. It is Gregory and he is lost in a big entertainment center. Unfortunately, everyone else left, and the boy now needs to spend a lonely night here.

New FNaF World

But there is one thing the hero does not know yet about. He will actually not be alone here – lovely animated toys unexpectedly came to life and transformed into cruel monsters that would be vigorously hunting the boy! The hero can move around the location and use various gadgets and tricks to mislead angry toys. You must help him find inconspicuous places to hide when an enemy approaches too close and invent methods to distract their attention and run away in the opposite direction. And there is one interesting detail in this chapter – Freddy will be supporting the hero in this new adventure. So join the game and start exploring the huge environment. Will you be able to survive this new adventure and trick the evil toy monsters one more time? Check it out right now!

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