The Baby In Yellow

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If you love games with horror elements, try The Baby In Yellow. At first glance, the plot is far from being scary – you will play for a babysitter who just got a new job in a big mansion. You need to look after the baby who is wearing a bright yellow overall.

Main advantages

But just have a look – something looks really fishy here. And soon, you will understand why you got that suspicion. All events unfold during several days. Every day, you need to perform your routine duties – feed the baby, put him to bed, play with him and do other everyday things. But you will notice strange things already during the first evening. You will notice that baby mysteriously disappears from the place you last saw him. You cannot allow it to happen as he can get hurt or damage furniture in the house. You must keep track of all his activities and constantly be on the alert and check the status of all items around. To cope with a difficult child, try to think a step ahead and complete all the tasks that you will receive. Every night, it becomes more and more difficult to control this unpredictable baby. Besides, it seems that the antagonist is much wiser than you may expect – just look at the strange glitter in his eyes. But one of the main advantages of this entertainment is the detailed system of instructions.

Mysterious Baby in Yellow

You will find them all in the upper left corner of the screen. In other words, these are the hints on how to properly interact with the baby. If the mission is successfully completed, you will receive a well-deserved reward when the parents return home. But the gameplay is not only automatic performance – it is full of horror elements. The more you explore the house, the stranger and even scarier things you come across. This place looks gloomy and even ominous – someone has set a lot of tricky traps around or is it only your imagination? Join now to see whether you can successfully cope with this mysterious Baby in Yellow!

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