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This is a kind of place you can see in your nightmares. Yellow walls evoke a disturbing feeling in you. The halls aren’t well lit, and it’s so quiet you can hear your own footsteps. It’s unclear how to escape this long and eerie maze of rooms. You have no other option but to open these countless doors one by one and check out what’s inside. You’ll see all kinds of stuff, including objects that can be interacted with (but you have to figure out how exactly). Let’s begin!


The world you find yourself in is as dangerous as it is strange. You’ll find nothing but yellow wallpaper and lots of doors that hide scary secrets behind them. Some lead you to other worlds, while others are closed or end in a wall. You will have to find the right path by opening one door after another, but beware, it is very easy to get lost in this labyrinth and it may happen that you have to go through the same path several times. Your level of consciousness will drop from time to time and may drop completely to zero. In such cases, the game will end with you losing. To avoid this you should look at your wristwatch every 30 seconds. You can also see how much time you’ve spent in that location. The place is also home to monsters who have very good hearing. They can hear almost anything, even the slightest breath. If they hear you, they will immediately run towards you and try to catch you. Once they catch you, they will kill you instantly. You can always try to run away.

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