The Man from the Window

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It is a new horror story that each thrill-seeker will adore. At first glance, the plot looks very childish. The main characters of this game is a little rabbit and his mom. One evening, the little hero finds a book about the man from the window and reads about a cruel monster who can penetrate into any house through the window. This creature is merciless and will deal with anyone inside.

The rabbit is horrified but his mother explains it is just a fairy tale. But her calming words are interrupted by a tap on the window. This is exactly how the enemy usually warns his future victims. Both characters are shocked. They understand they need to invent something if they want to remain alive! Will you help them?

Is there a chance to survive?

Actually, you will have only a few minutes to escape after the enemy sneaks into the house. The first thing is to find some inconspicuous places to hide. You can even run into the bathroom to avoid a dangerous meeting. But you should not rely only on this method as the opponent will scan everything around very soon. How was the monster stopped in the book? Mama rabbit should quickly look through that story to find some hints.

There are magic rhymes you need to pronounce to stop the evil visitor. You can also win some time by distracting him with sweets. All you need to do is to hold out for five minutes to avoid being destroyed. Are you smart enough to mislead this terrible guest and win? Accept the challenge to find it out!

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