Baldi’s Basics Plus

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All fans of the weird math teacher from Baldi’s Basics will be happy to know about a new release in this series. A new installment comes with a richer menu and expanded features. As before, players will find themselves within the walls of the school. But this time, developers have prepared entirely new adventures and trials. You will see new characters, classes and rooms, tasks and items.

Game for all

Some mini-games will even force the personages to leave the school premises. You must remember well from previous chapters that you will have to confront Baldi, a math teacher who is crazy about his subject. And he has prepared tons of mathematical problems for everyone that dares to enter the school premises. You won’t be able to take a break even for a minute – a strict mathematician will not let you relax! Every level is randomly generated. In other words, all mini-games are fully unique and every time, you will go through new hurdles and trials. Your main mission is to complete all the tasks and run away from the crazy antagonist. If he manages to catch you, it will be a really painful moment for you! Each new start will take you to a new environment and you will face new tasks and quests. So you will not be able to repeat the previous solutions and tricks. As you progress in the plot, there will be more and more unexpected events and adventures. It will be impossible to predict the next action, as each new level is will be unique. Do not forget to participate in mini-games as they will bring you additional bonuses and tokens – these will enable you to unlock new elements and features and make your experience even more thrilling.

Horror or humor?

You can choose one of several game modes or try them all. If choose an endless mode, you will have to collect a lot of objects hidden around the school. But if you find it too boring, you can try survival mode where you will have only several lives. No matter which format you prefer, the game will be highly appreciated by all players – you will love adventures closely intertwined with horror and humor elements. There are no two events alike in this great project, so you will not be bored!

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