Baldis Basics Remastered

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A crazy math teacher is back again! It is Baldi – you have definitely met him in earlier games. Now you are offered to test a new remastered version that combines all previous releases into one story. But the main antagonist has not changed – you will again meet Baldi who will continuously make you solve difficult mathematical problems. The main character is a student that discovers he left his notebooks at school. Although it is already late, he must return and find them all. But there is one really unexpected obstacle – Baldi is still at school! And he is not going to help you!

Solve all quests to run away!

Your opponent is not kind at all. Just look what he holds in his hand – it is ruler. And he will use it without hesitation to punish you for wrong responses. The best thing about this project is that you can play in absolutely different locations and activate different modes. All missions are randomly generated, so never know what awaits you the next moment. Besides, you will never know a solution in advance. All you can do is to rack your brain and use your best logical skills to overcome endless difficulties. Baldi is impatiently waiting for your mistake – it will allow him to catch you. Try to think well in advance to find a way to overcome all barriers. And move as quietly as you only can as even the slightest noise will attract the attention of your enemy. You can play different modes for more fun and even an endless variant to see for how long you will hold out!

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