Exhibit Of Sorrows

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This game looks funny at first glance, but soon you will understand that this is not true. You will visit a strange clown exhibition here. Every time you enter a new room, you will find a new exhibit. And you must find a way to interact with them all. If you do it correctly, you will get a key to the next room. But get ready that not all of the clowns are friendly and ready to cooperate. Some of them are just waiting for the right moment to get closer and attach you! So take care when you communicate with them!


The game is a classic puzzle game where you have to click on a variety of objects. All locations will be in the circus area, where you need to interact with the clowns, their traps and tricks. Moving from room to room you have to call the mouse to change this or that item. At first, it’s funny tricks, such as a box, which pops out a clown and so on. Gradually these riddles will get darker and scarier, although the mechanism of interaction with them will remain the same. There are no opponents as such in the game and you don’t have to fight anyone. Consequently, you don’t need inventory or weapons. All you have to do is guess on what item you need to press to get the reaction. From time to time you will meet scary clowns, who, however, will not try to harm you. It is also impossible to lose or die in the game, you don’t even have a health scale. The game has only one ending and a linear plot. Also, during playing you will understand the nature of the clowns.

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