Baldi’s Basics 2

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If you have already played the first part of Baldi’s Basics, you will surely be curious to know what happened next in this horror story. And here is a sequel with a new adventure! What is awaiting you now in the school with a terrible math teacher?

New chapter

A new chapter of this horror series is known as Baldi’s Basics in Camping. This time, you leave the school walls for some time and go camping with this crazy math teacher. During this thrilling trip, Baldi will ask you to collect some firewood and set a fire. Furthermore, you will need to keep it burning for some time. Actually, even if you are not asked to solve a mathematical problem this time, a new task will also force you to rack your brain to achieve the best score. The thing is that you can complete the mission in two ways – you can maintain the fire burning by adding small amounts of firewood or you can opt for a riskier strategy and add a bigger amount at once. In the second case, you may either get extra points or lose everything. In other words, you will still need your logic and mathematical skills to complete all quests and puzzles in this new adventure.

Mini game Baldi’s Basics

You will also be challenged to participate in many mini-games and meet a lot of secondary characters. Note that not all personages will become your friends – many of them will support Baldi and can affect your progress. So you should be very attentive and carefully evaluate all your actions and decisions. You know that your teacher can change his mood in a matter of seconds. If you do something wrong, Baldi will deal with you with no regret and hesitation! This new part of the horror series is very engaging, and you will enjoy a lot of amazing scenes and episodes with other characters. Start playing now to see if you are smart enough to outperform your treacherous math teacher and other antagonists in this new adventure. You will surely enjoy this unusual plot!

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